Unfollow on Instagram

Trim your Instagram followings with a Tinder-style interface

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Seems cool but entering credentials straight into the app worries me. Better to use the standard auth system.
@joshdance This is the standard auth system for instagram. It happens in a Web View and I don't care about your login credentials.
It reminds me @cwrichardkim's Twindr app. What would be really cool is to have a suggestion of new relevant users to follow. But I'm not sure that the Instagram API allows it.
@nicomage and Hushbook for unfriending on Facebook.
@rrhoover I think the difference with Hushbook is that it doesn't really unfriend them, but rather "mutes" them so you won't see them on your timeline
@rrhoover You're right, I forgot this one 😉. Just saw that it's temporarily unavailable by the way. These are the kind of app you use just once, but it's fun to use. What would be really useful to me is the same app but to unlike Facebook pages : I liked more than 800 FB pages 😳 Crazy...
Hi, thank you James Adam for posting my App. I made this app, I love to hear what you think about it.
Great idea. But man, the ads!. I'd much rather pay a couple dollars upfront.