The easy way to receive and give feedback

Unfold is a free mobile app that helps you learn by getting continuous feedback on your skills from those you work with based on particular interactions or relationships.
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Hey everyone 🤟🏻 I'm excited to present to you a side project I'm working on. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Unfold is a mobile app that helps you exchange continuous feedback with those you work with. This project started from my own need of receiving feedback more often from my coworkers and people I have side gigs with. There are many problems when it comes to receiving or giving feedback. Whether if it's taking the time to do it, feeling awkward, forgetting about it or not knowing exactly what and how to say things. Unfold facilitates this process. How does this work? 📣 You add your skills, choosing from a list we are providing 📅 You integrate Unfold with the calendar you are working with - Google, Outlook, Any.do 🙋 At the end of some meetings, you receive notifications to remind you to ask for feedback from the other participants 🎀 You build your network and we map the work relationships that are most important to you ⏰ Any now and then we remind you to ask for feedback from those you interact with most often 📊 We build your profile and suggest resources based on the skills you need to improve We're getting ready to launch! So if you are interested in receiving feedback on your work more often, subscribe. We'll let you know when we are in the app store. 📱
After reading Principles by Rai Dalio it got me interested in a way to get continuous real time feedback from peers. This seems to contain the right features to achieve that. Subscribed waiting for the actual release.
@litechip Thanks a lot for the feedback!
Amazing work! Feedback is an essential component at every level of leadership and personal growth. Yet, for many people, sharing and receiving feedback can be a daunting experience. This is a step in the right direction to address that.
@po_bodho Thanks a lot for the feedback!
Sounds really cool! Feedback is still something people give rarely and professionals lack guidelines as to where they could or should improve. Can't wait to check it out.
@dragomirmiruna Thanks a lot for the feedback!