Scan your old printed photos and bring them back to life

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Are there any real examples of the tech in use and not illustrations (on their site, in the video trailer) or contrived examples (on their blog)?
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Cool app. If you have printed photos (from a party or family albums) this for you.
Unfade has been TechCrunched => http://techcrunch.com/2016/05/25... Maybe worth a hunt @bentossell ?
@rfreling it's already been hunted. why does @bentossell need to hunt it again?
I have tried out some 'scan-your-physical-photo' apps in the past and didn't have a good experience, specially with the auto-cropping. This looks promising (wonder if it does auto-alignment besides cropping too?) and might save another step of 'un-fading' your old pics which could go either ways but this definitely provides the convenience factor. Will wait to see some reviews.
@sarthakgrover agreed here. What makes this service better?
@writerpollock @sarthakgrover Our auto-cropping works really well and we're constantly making it better. We have lots of experience from the development of the Scanbot document scanning app. The best about Unfade is that we're doing non-destructive editing. With this you can always change the filter or wait and see how we approve filters ;)
I can't vouch for Unfade, but have been very impressed with Scanbot versus its competition. I would bet on this team making a difference in the photo-scanning space.