Share a random moment of your day

What if I'm in the shower or sleeping :o I like the idea here but for me I just know that I'd see it and say 'yeah I'll do it in a minute' - then totally forget.
@bentossell You could get a notification every minute then until you make a photo 😇 ..or remove app 😈
@silviust7 haha I know what I'd do in that situ.
I like the concept of spontaneous sharing. Very similar to @alexyoungkwon and @irosenb’s one minute.
Really really nice idea! Reminds me of the 1 second every day app. However I think I'd want to use this like a diary instead of posting to social media?
Love this. I've been thinking about the concepts behind unexpected, spontaneous, surprise content a lot recently. Without having yet executed on any of my ideas, I think there's some exploring to do. This is an excellent step in that direction. I'm very curious to see what the response is and how users practically engage with the product. I understand that the app is very fresh. However, is it possible to fill the home screen with some content right off the bat? It's completely empty when I first opened it and it would be great to see something there. Almost anything would do. What happens after the five-minute deadline to take your picture? Have you considered the idea of an accountability feature? Might be fun to play with. Looking forward to using this!
@anderfrischer Thanks for your advice. We're working on the next version :)
Hi, I'm one of the makers of this app. It's still very fresh and we're trying to make it better. So any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Please send us your thought or feedback about this app at unexpectedapp@gmail.com. Thank you.