Selectively block features of time wasting sites in chrome

An easy to use and intuitive extension for google chrome that lets you block certain parts of time sink sites - Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Reddit.

It also lets you block entire site and have your own url to be redirected to when blocked (eg your ToDo app).

You can pause your filters and also install it in other system with synced settings.

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Jai. Hi from a fellow side-project voyager! Love this idea of aggregating ideas for different sites into 1 plugin. I have some suggestions though: Make it difficult to turn off a setting (eg: make the user solve a math problem). I'm truly not interested in my fb feed, but I'm very addicted to youtube comments. So I may turn it off when my willpower is high and simply turn it back and refresh when it's low. Also, you must be a backend developer, the color-sense shows πŸ˜† . (I'm no better myself, switched to bootstrap in my SP yesterday after spending months learning and mastering grid and flexbox). My suggestion: keep all tabs same color, but include the site's logo beside the name.
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@npras I'm glad to know that you liked the idea. I was using 3 extensions to control each of these websites, so thought of combining all in one place. I like the idea to make it difficult for the user to turn off any setting. Puzzle or maybe disable the filter only after a wait period - like 5 minutes or so; so that we don't fall victim to our habits and impulses and use these sites only for any productive reason. You're right. Getting good at designing is a whole new area and needs more and more practice. Hope we'll get better at it someday πŸ˜ƒ All the best with your side-projects. Keep Creating!!!
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Hi @tweetjai I made an app that does pretty much the same thing but for iOS on Safari. Great minds think alike ;) we're actually set to release on product hunt this week! https://feedzen.app/
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@hamish_johnson This is really amazing to know that πŸŽ‰ 1 person messaged me after my Reddit post if I can make something similar for Safari. I'm going to send this conversation's link to them πŸ˜„
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@tweetjai Thanks so much! πŸ€—
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I've been waiting for someone to make something like this! I think there's probably a lot of people who need some access for productive reasons like brand building or responding to customers. Love the granularity this allows. Nice job, @tweetjai ! Looking forward to using this.
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@tom_langridge I'm glad you find this useful. Thanks for your kind words. I made this because I felt the same that these platforms do have some good parts and some not so good, addictive parts. Hence blocking the entire site or not using them totally is not a very viable option in the current tech-driven world. Cheers!
Let us add our own sites that we want blocked!
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@bader_bouta Yes. This is due in my next release. Thanks!
Hi, This is my second project as part of my adventure into the side-projects voyage. I'll be very glad if even one person finds this product useful in their day to day life. Looking forward to some feedback and suggestions πŸ˜ƒ