Find videos on Youtube that have hardly any views

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@Jonnotie suggested we create a section for under-upvoted products on Product Hunt, to help people surface the creation that never go enough love. Could be a cool hackathon project (hint hint).
@rrhoover @Jonnotie something like my top secret Huntermode: http://www.yvoschaap.com/product... It only shows posts that have less then 5 votes, and have been posted in the last 1 months. including "right key" navigation...
This is such a weird view on the world "This site searches for YouTube videos that contain generic filenames as their titles. Part of the thinking here is that if people didn't change the title of the video from the factory default, they either didn't know what they were doing... or couldn't be bothered to make the change. Either way, these videos fall on the low end of the spectrum: the lesser seen, the underviewed. For example, a Go Pro camera names its videos in a certain way (GOPR1234.MP4); an iPhone names all its videos using a fixed format (IMG_1234.MOV). The Underviewed site searches YouTube using these types of filenames as its search criteria. In an age of social media and viral videos being viewed millions of times, this site focuses on the undiscovered - the personal and private moments that the world hasn't had the chance to see." Love it
Very delighted that others are enjoying this project! I spent a lot of time coding the thing, but also lost a lot of time using the site to browse videos (when I should have been coding). Which I guess was a good sign. Happy to hear any feedback folks might have, and very happy to answer any questions. Thanks for sharing the link, @mutlu82!