A directory of minimal and useful single-purpose apps.

#4 Product of the WeekJune 10, 2019
Unapp is a human curated directory of minimal and useful single-purpose apps.
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Hello PH, I am a vivid user of single-purpose apps. So here is a directory of some of the apps I use regularly and some that caught my attention. Hope some of the them will be useful to you as well. Thanks
Simple, minimalist apps/tools are my JAM. Thanks for building this, really cool @vsnthv
Cool niche catalogue. Great idea! But what's up with the $8 submission fee? You might be stifling your growth there. Imagine if PH charged a submission fee...
@pddro The idea is not to become another Producthunt. The idea is to create a valuable directory of minimal apps. I believe, if we allow free submission, there will be lot of spam. I guess, 8$ should be a cheap way to promote a decent app.
Awesome! Found 2 incredibly useful apps inside! Thanks for that!
Cool! found a few new apps, thanks for this