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Hey everyone! We started Umano for people stay up-to-date and be smarter with their time. Since launch we've grown a strong community of listeners who engage regularly with content they love. We're now excited to launch Umano for Writers to connect millions of listeners to thousands of awesome content creators. Sign up and we'll grant you access. Excited to get everyone's feedback.
Long-time Umano fan and one of the early successful hunts on PH. @ianmendiola and I have chatted a bit about this but I'm curious to hear more about why you're moving toward self-narrated articles?
Yo @rrhoover! From what we've tested so far writers do an excellent job of narrating their own articles and listeners love it. Definitely creates a unique and personal experience. We want to empower writers to be the vehicle for delivering their message because they own it and know it best. We're still going to continue curating and narrating articles ourselves so the self-narrated articles should be seen as additive to the current experience.
Sweet! Sounds like a great way to get additional distribution and engagement for written content...
I was just wanting a service like this the other day. Great for when you're running late in the morning and don't have time to read all those articles you've bookmarked.
@kalivia Check it out and let us know what you think! Always love hearing feedback.