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100 Q&A asked around scaling, sales and raising capital.

#1 Product of the DayApril 27, 2019
The SaaS community has asked us 3000+ questions over the past four years.
Here's the top 100. Answered.
5 sections:
1. Founder to Founder 🀝
2. Raising Capital πŸ’°
3. Scaling πŸ“Š
4. Sales πŸ€‘
5. Hiring & Operations ✏️
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You've been waiting 5+ years! Our 100 Top Answers on Scaling SaaS of All Time! It's Free! It's Fun! And it's actually Organized!! -- Jason

I would love one extra Q/A about raising money / valuation pre-MSP. Anyway, now my goal is to hit the milestone that will allow me to be able to experience in real life "The 10 good screening question to see if you have a real VP" :)


Inspiring advices from the founder of successful SaaS businesses, and now of the biggest SaaS Conference. Quick and Easy to read in 60 min!


Don't see any

We'll add more when we launch with a full (250-300 page) book. Although, SaaStr is really mostly about the moments just after MSP :)
Congratulation on the lunch @jasonlk ! Great lessons and advice. Appreciate your work.
Bravo! this is very impressive and I can't wait to read through it in depth
Awesome, perfect read for the week end! And see you at SaaStr Europa 2019.