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Hey Hunters, First things first, thanks so much @jasonyogeshshah for hunting us! My name is Matteo and I'm the creator of Ultidash, a Chrome extension that collects a bunch of productivity tools in the new tab page. There are quite a few awesome productivity extensions out there, so what we did is put the most useful ones in one place. Ultidash includes a to-do list in different formats, a timer connected to a site blocker (for, say, restricting your access to social media or entertainment sites), a site tracker (to track your browsing habits) and performance stats. It also gives you background pictures changing depending on the time of the day (or you can also upload your own!), the time, date, a four-day weather forecast and user-generated greeting messages changing every hour. That's about it (for now), we would love to hear your feedback and answer your questions!
@matteo_bulgarelli @jasonyogeshshah Great chrome extension! Thought - With so many friends and colleagues being in different countries it would also be great to see various clocks / weather / events etc.
@kaaathrynh @jasonyogeshshah Hey Kathryn, we are happy you like it :) Sounds very interesting, we'll definitely take a look into that. We could include a smaller clock above the current one (and do the for the weather), what do you think? Thanks so much for your feedback!
@matteo_bulgarelli @jasonyogeshshah Love it! Looks alot like Momentum Dash in many ways... were they in any way an inspiration to this product? Great work
@jairusstreight Hey JS, I answered below :)
Hey @matteo_bulgarelli @pressplayplease, this looks really great :) I can't help but notice a lot of similarity between your extension and Momentum Dash which is a product I also love. Were they perhaps the inspiration behind your design?
@jairusstreight @pressplayplease Hey JS, we're very glad you like it! There are so many amazing new tab replacements on the Chrome store, and we were inspired by many of them. In terms of design, Momentum was a great source for sure :)
Perfect landing page - actionable & nothing more, much appreciated. Also, I added your extension, looks even better than taco. @ultidash @jasonyogeshshah
@elizabethhunker Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much, happy you enjoy it! What do you think we could improve? :)
Wow, this extension looks great and its tutorial is awesome, upvoted! Though, it was unclear what should happen after I installed it (nothing changed except the new button in menu). I got it when I opened a new tab in my browser. I'll keep testing it. Also, no buttons to your Facebook or Twitter on your website, why? I wanted to follow you and leave my feedback there :)
@galeriks Hey Halyna, thanks for the support! You might be right when you say that it's not intuitive what happens after the app is installed, especially for those users that have never used a new tab replacement before. I'm thinking we could add a popup or make it clearer in the Chrome store description. We'll work on that! The social media links on the website are coming :) Thanks so much for your feedback!
Hi ! The extension and its features look very nice and useful, great idea. But what about the privacy of users data ?
@yoann_qrdl Hey Yoann, thanks so much for the kind words! Much appreciated! The only data we collect is what is asked during registration (i.e. name and email), all the rest is stored locally on your Chrome local storage, and we have no access to it :)
@matteo_bulgarelli That's perfect so ! Thank you :)