Self-driving Internet. The first AI-powered mobile browser.

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Audrey Poindessault


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Eric Poindessault
Eric PoindessaultMakerHiring@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
First of all a massive thank you to @bramk for the hunt! This is a very exciting day for our team as we finally get to introduce you to what we believe is the next evolutionary stage of Internet navigation. Today we’re launching Ulli, a smart web browser for mobile that delivers a powerful experience thanks to predictive artificial intelligence. Using our real-time contextual recommendation engine, Ulli is able to surface the most relevant content and actions for you to browse next, so you don’t have to search or copy-paste information around. The results are based on your current browsing, so you just need to press Ulli’s Magic Button and it will do the rest. It’s like a self-driving Internet for your phone, taking you where you need to go at the touch of a button. And of course, the app also comes with the usual features you would expect from a browser, like favorites, incognito mode and more. They are all presented in a clean and innovative one-thumb browsing user interface. As a general mission statement, our goal at Biggerpan is to build a brain for the Web, in order to allow a seamless integration of Internet technology into our lives without all the outdated pain and frictions there are today. 🎁🎁🎁 Now exclusively for Product Hunters, if you're based in the US we have some magical prize giveaways for you on our site today! Definitely go check it out before it’s all gone! We’re also holding a launch party 🚀 tonight in San Francisco, so for those of you who are in the Bay Area you are welcome to join us from 4 to 6 p.m. by registering on the following link: http://bit.ly/2dKVkJJ Happy to answer any questions, and would love to have your feedback!
Olivier El Mekki
Olivier El Mekki@oelmekki · maker
@p01ds Thanks for doing this, guys :) Predictive interfaces are where we should be going, and it's also incredibly hard. Huge respect to pioneers! Beside the behind the scene ML magic, did you find general UI patterns that could help in building such interfaces?
Nicholas Sheriff
Nicholas Sheriff@nicholassheriff · Founder, Medic Ventures
@p01ds @bramk Omg Eric this sounds exactly like what I built with Quest :D and how we raised our seed funding ( $50k ) - Later pivoted and moved on at over 150,000 users. ( we actually were asked to pivot by a billion dollar company can’t talk more about that privately lol ) and took our proprietary AI technology and got more into computer vision. My question to you in many respects was what we noticed was that everyday people want a more intelligent and contextual mobile web experience based around their intents….but it’s cultural and it’s conditional. So what are some of the initial challenges you have faced or are facing with users expectations and habits globally and how is this being addressed right now in the user experience, can you give me a real world example. Curious we were always global first ( over 60% of our user base was in China )….basically day 1 we had to support 13 languages and cultures contextually and approach this on a global scale, given for example in Asia everything is done there via mobile web first from inception but in the us, it is intact native first in many regards yes due to culture but its a “problem” made in part because of Apples foothold on everything from inception here. ha would love to talk more about this with you personally….ping me nick@questmobile.co
Leonel More
Leonel More@leonelmore · I can build/scale your product
@oelmekki @p01ds I am interested in hear about this, too. Kudos about the launch, and best luck to the team!
Amit Jethani
Amit Jethani@amitjethani
@p01ds @bramk Can't find it in the Canadian App Store :( Looking forward to trying this out!
Eric Poindessault
Eric PoindessaultMakerHiring@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
@oelmekki Thanks Olivier, and great question by the way! I think it's hard because you need to anticipate what the user wants while letting them decide, and there is very little room for mistakes otherwise you can create frustration. That's why our "Magic Button” is interesting in terms of what it allows us to do, it's accessible without interrupting your experience and magic is a concept of surprise, removing pre-determined expectations and leaving our A.I. with the ability to learn and get better along the way.
Romain Serman
Romain Serman@romain_serman
Great idea and great product ! Tranform the way I browse the web on mobile. Congrats !!! Game changer. really makes sense to use AI & predictive !!
Mike Mullany
Mike Mullany@mike_mullany · Ad Ops Manager, Motive Interactive
Congrats on your launch, team! Your product sounds fresh and exciting, can you tell us a bit more about your vision for the mobile internet in the near future and how Ulli fits into that?
Eric Poindessault
Eric PoindessaultMakerHiring@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
@mike_mullany Thank you Mike, glad that you like it! We believe the app ecosystem has reached limitations that the web has not, and this is an opportunity for the browser to make a strong comeback. We want to deliver an integrated experience by creating bridges between services and mobile web apps, in the form of recommendation and information exchange, all controlled by the user. As the intelligent API that powers Ulli is constantly improving, our goal is to also make it available for other services, apps or companies wishing to offer a similar experience to their users. Long story short, we believe the convergence between the web and apps is finally happening, and that A.I. plays a big part in it. If you want to learn more about our vision, I recommend that you read the following article I wrote a month ago: http://venturebeat.com/2016/09/0...
David Bellaiche
David Bellaiche@david770 · Co-founder of Tack App
Waw!! That's the browser I was waiting for so long!! I really appreciate the bottom tab navigation. Once you tried it it's difficult to move to something else! You guys rock 🚀🚀
Darin Ji
Darin Ji@lioneljee · Product Manager,Tencent
Will it have an Android Version?
Eric Poindessault
Eric PoindessaultMakerHiring@p01ds · Co-Founder & CEO @biggerpan
@lioneljee Yes, the Android version will follow soon!
@p01ds @lioneljee A way to get notified when the Android version is available would be great. Looks like a great idea!