Perfect fitting, tailored shirts measured from your phone

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Thanks for hunting us @kwdinc! Hey Hunters, I'm founder of UKYS. We would like to offer every backers from Product Hunt an exclusively designed satin pocket square and a black bow tie for every pledge of $57 or more. They will be sent together with your shirt. I'll be hanging out on PH all day and happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback. Lam
@khietlam @kwdinc You are essentially using Pythagorean, camera and height of the user to calculate the measurements. Since height is a manual input ...if the user incorrectly enters their height the measurement wont be correct ? . Having said that the overall workflow experience was good.
UKYS App is a whole new way to own a perfect fitting shirt with built-in measuring technology so you can shop for tailored shirts at home. Your phone’s camera acts as a professional tailor taking your body measurements & No tape measure required. It takes you less than 5 minutes to place an order for a custom shirt. (I tried it last week, took me around 4 minutes to order one. Pretty easy!) At the heart of the UKYS app is LIM, a technology developed by their in-house engineering team to perfectly capture the measurements a tailor would make, but from your phone instead of a costly visit to the tailor. With just five standing posture photos, which you can take in the comfort of your own home, LIM Technology is able to create a 3D model of your body from which your body measurements are taken and used by the UKYS app to apply to your orders.
Looks great! Anything for the perfect fit without a trip to the tailor. I can't wait to see women's styles. And a version that isn't designed to be tucked in. And....and...😊
Hi Kelly (@kkdub), Thank you for your feedback. We are doing for menswear dress shirts at this stage. Nevertheless, we have several successful cases in view of fitting for women’ shirts during our experiment time. It’s just about the styles which lead to variety of customization options that we need to spend more time to study thoroughly. Regards, Lam
First shirt was well constructed and fit perfectly. I have trouble finding shirts that fit all over, neck, arms and torso. This one was perfect! Highly recommend.
@quanhua92 Thank you for your kind words. Looking forward to your support.
Looks good! Do you ship to Europe?
@d_qu_c_d_t Yes. We're shipping worldwide at $5 flat rate.