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We've developed uKit in a year, as an answer to the question that many small businesses, freelancers or startups have: how to create a mobile-friendly website in a fast, easy and yet affordable way. Now, we would like to gather feed-back that can help us improve the product further, as we want to deliver the best website building experience there can be!
@lucianavadani At first I thought this was just another template creator. But after trying it out I realized it's a template+hosting service. Where exactly are you guys hosting the websites? Would you think about providing users with a way to show some kind of "under maintenance" page if site is down/disabled?
@cprins_ Carl, thank you for your question. The servers which host the uKit powered websites are based in Russia, at least for the Open Beta. In a few months time, as the user base grows the new websites will be hosted also on servers from different locations around the world like the US, EU (Netherlands, Czech Republic and others following soon). The "under maintenance" option is already implemented, and you need to go to the Admin Panel/Settings and select it from there. Screenshot: For more questions I'd be more than happy to answer!
@lucianavadani hi Lucian, How can we become uKit's white label partnership?
How's is this better/different then using wp layers? Which is the best I've seen in the "no coding" space but still keeping full control over your website etc.
@mikeeshattuck Thank you for your feed-back. uKit works on a different principle than WP, as these are products on different niches. uKit is a straight forward cloud-based website builder which doesn't require a download or install. The only things the user has to deal with is the drag-n-drop interface to edit his website, without any questions related to hosting, updates, code, etc. The UX/UI behind the product has been developed to help users create mobile-friendly and sleek business sites, starting from the moment of the registration till the publishing. I hope this answers your question!
If you want to know how to create own website, just read this article -

When I try to set up by clicking :"Сreate a website from your Facebook page", it only shows my personal Facebook profile. None of my business pages show up. Contacted support, who were unhelpful. One liner answers - "check privacy settings" Didn't seem interested in helping. Shame, as the idea is really cool.




Doesn't work - can only see my personal facebook page, none of the 11 business pages I have created / am admin on.