Printable templates of mockup, wireframes and sketchpads

#1 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2019
Speed up your paper prototyping with printable mockups and wireframe. As compare to blank paper these helps you to quickly draw clean wireframes and stay organized.
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Hi, Product Hunters! We are living in the digital design era, and have a lot of different tools that make the process of prototyping really simple. But still pen and paper remain the most useful tools for UX designers. Paper prototypes are an excellent and cheap tool to get feedback on early designs, These printable templates allow you to quickly draw clean wireframes and to stay better organized on your projects. Wireframes drawn out on in a device helps to put things in perspective. 🔆Available Templates • 1xUP Mobile • 2xUP Mobile • 2xUP Extended Mobile • 3xUP Mobile • Browser Landscape • Browser Portrait • Dotted grid sketchpad All mobile mocks are mapped with original iPhone X, XS, 11Pro Screen size. You can download all templates in both A4 and Letter Size. This is my first time on the Product Hunt to make and hunt for myself :) If you will have any questions tweet me or ping me on any social channel @realvjy
@realvjy Gorgeous. Remind me of Notion.so great work.
@realvjy License ? Commercial Use?
@realvjy I'm using these templates over 2 years and also 1 year in the agency. Can you explain to me how I know this before? sketchize.com Is this project a copy of yours, or yours is?
@realvjy @boraoztunc This been there from ages Vijay made one of version of his to share with community.. But purpose is same
@boraoztunc @paresh_khatri You are right sketchize is there for years. But, it doesn't mean we can't make own version. Second thing, I was not aware of that. My primary goal was to execute my thought my way that's it.
Amazing resource. @realvjy It would be awesome if you can ship hardcopy book of 50 pages each in India. Gonna really useful.
@dalpattapaniya Thanks Dalpat for feedback. Adding this to my todo list ✌️
Really helpful product. @realvjy
@vraj247 Thank you vikas for your early feedback
Great product for Designers!!
@realvjy this is very nice product. Already started using it. Loving it
@shoaib_prasad Thanks Shoaib for your feedback on early testing wireframes