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Free testing platform to replicate & share website bugs 🐞

#4 Product of the DayOctober 27, 2018

Uilicious automates UI testing for web applications.

Write tests that are

- Readable and maintainable (without hardcoding ugly CSS or XPATHs or magic waits)

- Share embeddable bug replication reports for your devs, and issue trackers.

- Easily repeatable so you can swiftly replicate and verify bug fixes.

Uilicious Snippets is free, forever.

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Greetings Product Hunt community, Today, we’ve launched Uilicious Snippet! The idea behind this is to allow users to write clear test scripts and bug reports that are easily understood, repeatable, and most importantly, publicly sharable! Without Uilicious Snippet, writing bug reports can be tedious or inaccurate. Developers may be unable to replicate the bug, even with the steps provided! Now, users can simply attach the shareable link that contains the test results (for example, YouTube’s downtime: https://snippet.uilicious.com/te...) so developers can view it immediately. And re-run the test immediately after fixing it. Finally, for our Product Hunt launch: from now ’til 10 November 2018, we’re offering 15% to all users who sign up to a paid subscription for our main product, which has more functionalities and premium features, at https://uilicious.com/
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@picocreator My 2 cents if you are planning to do sales : a) Target companies which are hiring for software testers, QA testers. These companies might find your product useful. b) Target recently funded companies. They will be willing to get their softwares tested.
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@shreyaa_ratra Thanks, those are really good ideas, that I didn't think of 🙂 - definitely something me and my co-founder will try to do so once we get our first sales hire ( most of sales is currently being done by my co-founder @taishiling as of now ) - any other growth hacking ideas is also appreciated!
@taishiling @picocreator Why to hire a sales person when you can use Easyleadz.com for lead generation :) ? It finds relevant companies for you on basis of above parameters, find decision maker, their contact details and send him/her personalised email. If person does not reply, system automatically sends follow-up email. So, @taishiling if uses EasyLeadz, he has to focus only on closing the leads rather wasting time on prospecting.
Btw, found a bug on this product hunt page itself, regarding page titles See: https://twitter.com/picocreator/... for more details
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Hi, before signing up, could you check if this scenario could be handle by Uilicious? https://github.com/firepress-org... Thank you very much !! Pascal
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Hi @_pascalandy, Visual comparison, which would help point out exact alignment and colour changes, is a highly demanded feature, and is on our roadmap - https://trello.com/c/vIDM7Gdf/12.... Till then, uilicious is mainly useful for functionality testing - ie: if the JS button click works - which does not seem to be your main use case. Having mostly static pages linked to one another. I would suggest instead existing competing testing providers for your use case, who offer visual comparison tools; More details is provided on your github issue - https://github.com/firepress-org...
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@picocreator Thank for you generous answer. I This will help me a lot as I maintained many themes. Cheers!
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