UI Motion Kit

20+ delightful UI animations for After Effects

UI motion kit is a collection of more than 20 delightful UI animation for After Effects combined into 6 user mobile flows. It's designed to help understand the creation process behind and boost and boos your creative workflow.

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Hello Product Hunt! Excited to share a new side project I was working on - UI Motion Kit. First of all huge thanks for collaboration on the whole project to @slavmier. UI motion kit is a collection of more than 20 delightful UI animation for After Effects combined into 6 user mobile flows. Decided to create this because I had a lot of unused motion designs from my unrealized side projects and I think this might help a lot of people understand the creation process behind or boost their workflow. I believe that After Effect has a strong place in the product design workflow, specifically for creating delightful micro-interactions and more complex custom transitions. The UI motion kit comes with: - AE files with 20+ delightful UI animations combined into 6 animated mobile flows. - Sketch files with 25 screens. Check out the all details - uimotionkit.io We'd love to hear your feedback!
@slavmier @jakubantalik So do you make these micro-interactions to showcase to a client what/how their app will interact with the user? Then you hand these off to a web developer for them to create based on how the interactions are handled? Do you have any courses or anything that explains your process? I am a Graphic Designer who is more frequently asked to do UI/UX style designs for websites and things, but the one thing I struggle with is how to show clients the interactions from one screen to the next to make them feel more like an actual application. Is that what this is hoping to accomplish? Where do you go to start learning how to create my own types of UI animations? By the way, really awesome and I love these interactions they are so much fun and really clean looking!
@slavmier @mastemine Hey Logan, Thanks so much for support! Exactly, these micro-interaction are primary made for product designers, who want to learn more about how those animations are created and improve their skill in After Effects. It can be also used to boost product design workflow, they can customise them and use in their own designs. Most of these animations can be also converted to code with tools like https://airbnb.design/lottie/ We don't have any courses yet. I think the best way to learn are Youtube tutorials, online courses. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Great job !! 😊 could we create product launch after effects from your app ?