Greeting cards from horrible people.

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"Some day you will go far. I hope you stay there." Fantastic.
Another hunt to add to the Prank Products collection :)
UglyNotes founder here. We're a group of indie designers creating a fun alternative to boring old greeting cards. Honesty is not overrated. Happy to answer any questions!
@andrewmason We were tired of giving yet another "Congratulations!" or "Happy Birthday!" greeting card, so we decided to mix things up. We collected a group of the best designers and letterers around, and with a helping of wit and humor UglyNotes was born :)
These are terrific. @mkrinsky you come with all of them all yourself?
@KristoferTM Thanks Kris! Glad you like :) it's a mix between lines that were submitted and lines we came up with ourselves. Feel free to submit your best lines to our "submit a line" page: