The definitive unofficial Coinbase Pro app

UDAX is the best mobile app for Coinbase Pro with professional charting, monitoring, and trading. Your API keys are encrypted, stored in your iOS Keychain or on your device, and never communicated with anyone except Coinbase. Disable the 'Transfer' permission as an additional layer of security unless you use UDAX for deposits and withdrawals.

Kind of funny to title it "definitive unofficial" 😂 I didn't realize Coinbase had an API or method to build on top of their platform. I'm curious if you've chatted with the team about Udax, @yawner.
@rrhoover Gotta cover all of our bases :) Coinbase's Pro API is fantastic, this is the second project we've done with it.
Looks good! Do you have any partnership agreements in place with Coinbase? If not, are you worried Coinbase may shut off your API access?
@alekplay Hi Aleksander -- nope, not worried! The app just goes directly to their API, so the only way to cut off people's access would be to shut down their API entirely.