Transfer your data between services with no effort

We build a platform which fixes "cold start" problem: with just a few clicks, you can migrate all your data to the company of your interest so that it can provide you the best experience from day-0! No more manual copying and irrelevant recommendations.
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"Hey everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of UDAPTOR along with @ankush_sharma1, @fmstefanini, @pablomaker, and @renegomez. With the help of our platform, you can migrate between services with only several clicks, but the point is that your data will be transferred with you. For example, if you want to switch your music streaming provider, but you want to keep all your playlists and you are afraid of listening to irrelevant recommendations first days - UDAPTOR can help you. (By the way, this is our first handled use case - you can switch from Google Play/Apple Music to Spotify with several clicks, for free - https://udaptor.io/showcase :) Some highlights: ✅3 steps: helping you to get data -> converting data to utilizable format -> transferring data to company-recipient ✅we don't store or analyze data, we are only transferring to the company of your interest ✅always free for users, we charge the recipient company a small fee per each data transaction ❗️If you have a data-driven B2C startup - UDAPTOR can help you to acquire users with their data, so you can use to provide your best service from day-0. For the celebration of the launch, there's a 25% off discount for one week since launch :) Just email me to epoz@udaptor.io with "Happy Launch" as the subject. 🙏We would really love to hear your feedback, we want to know how can we improve!"
Adding social networks would grow your userbase exponentially
@hasan_diwan thanks for the comment! do you mean adding here on PH or adding it into our product functionality?
@hasan_diwan @yevgeniy_pozdeyev I think Hasan meant product functionality, like switching from Russian VK to Facebook
Great product!
@diego_orozco Thank you 🙏feel free to ask any questions if you have!
Amazing job! Could you please give more info on transfers between the providers of financial services?
@tatiana_taranenko Thank you! Sure, for now, we are working on acquiring data formats from fintechs (e.g. Revolut, Google Pay) and other financial services (e.g. Splitwise, Settle Up). What we want to reach in the future is to increase users' mobility between services in general, including financial ones, so then people won't be "locked" in their bank/insurance/etc.
Nice product! Hope we will be able to collaborate with our startup in future because data transferring is very important in our case :)