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Asad Dhamani
Asad Dhamani@asaddhamani · Founder, Crestify
Doesn't work quite as well as Adblock Plus though. On quite a few websites, UBlock seems to replace banner ads with blank white spaces, while this has never happened with me when using Adblock Plus.
Jim Gray
Jim Gray@grayj_
My first thought was to compare this to the other "fast" ad blocker for Chrome, which is HTTP Switchboard. As it turns out, this is brought to you by the makers of HTTP Switchboard! HTTP Switchboard is, well, a very "give me control over all the things" extension. And while it's well done on that front, many users fairly see it as way more complexity than they wanted to be faced with. Most AdBlock users don't want to micromanage stuff, they just want their browsing experience to be cleaner. uBlock addresses those concerns by providing a "just block the ads" version which is more comparable to the more traditional AdBlock extensions, but keeping the massive speedups provided by HTTP Switchboard's implementation. It also uses the same filter lists as AdBlock subscribes to, so the level of coverage should be more or less identical.