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    bad quality

    terrible quality paddle, unusable for ping pong. bad handle, rough and could give you splinters.

    Kimi Hein has used this product for one week.
The paddles themselves don't look like top quality, but imagine the intimidation your opponent will feel when you whip out your custom @rrhoover face paddle.
@jtriest that's almost as frightening as...
@rrhoover @jtriest You guys should do what one of our clients did and get paddles for your whole team ;)
@jtriest My brain is finding it hard to imagine all the possibilities!
@jtriest These are our first paddles and are part of our "Street Series". According to our customer reviews and very high average rating, they feel the print quality is top quality. For the more serious players, we will be launching more paddles geared towards players who like to put a little "English" on their shots. Agreed re: @rrhoover 's intimidating custom Uberpong paddle!
@davidjlowe awesome! As soon as the padded ones with some "English" arrive I'm game! Really creative idea!
@jtriest Thanks for your kind words. We've bootstrapped Uberpong to success and have an amazing fan base. We also do custom Uberpong balls btw with more goodies coming soon.
Anything is possible with an Uberpong paddle, it's time to make YOUR dreams come true too!
Anything goes with @uberpong, just look what we made for @ErinJ_Cahill at @pingpong4purpose at @Dodgers Stadium Sept 4th!
@davidjlowe Got that right Captain!!
I just got my 2 new custom paddles and people LOVE them! It's an outstanding conversation starter... but even MORE... it shows my style and personality. 8>)
@adambobrow Glad you liked them Adam! :)