UberEATS for iOS

Food delivery, now a standalone app (Canada only)

Uber's strategy: experiment with new features inside the core Uber app before building a standalone experience. Smart. I wonder what Uber's 3rd app will be. I'm hoping for 24/7 kitty delivery. 😸
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@rrhoover I like this because it maintains a balance between simplicity of the core app with the occasional surprise/delight feature. If something grows into a widely used feature that can be its own business, it can be spun out.
@moxon true. It gives the UberEATS team a lot more flexibility and additional real-estate on people's precious homescreen.
@rrhoover Like the opposite of FB. RIP Creative Labs.
@rrhoover is it clear that's their actual strategy though? This seems only their first test at a spin out in only one geographic region. I think this might be more of a test vs a clearly defined multi-app strategy
@_jacksmith fair point, but this appears to be a strategy Uber's pursuing. We'll see how it plays out longer term.
You won t find it in the US App store. Only in Canada for now. but this is outstanding because if is the first spin-off app by Uber
@rrhoover 3 apps featured in one day. Good? :)
@ourielohayon great hunting ;)
Feature request: more vegetarian choices than all the other competitors! :-/
@veronica which food delivery services do you use? I've been using Sprig more recently when I'm out of groceries (delivered by Instacart) and short on time.
@rrhoover Sprig, Spoonrocket, Munchery (for dinner). Sprig has great food, but the vegetarian options are very limited.
Wow! We never get to see "Canada Only". Makes me so happy :-)
I've been using Uber Eats here in San Francisco for a few weeks now. Thoroughly Impressed by the speed of delivery, menu offering, and affordable pricing. If you're hungry and only have 20 minutes for Lunch, there's nothing better than Uber Eats!