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Hi Product Hunt, We are super excited to share what we have learnt at Soma Analytics over the past few years. At Soma, we are on a mission to make the world more resilient. We have taught individuals how to be more productive, beat stress, and improve their health. In doing so, we have worked together with the world’s most innovative individuals and companies and learnt which techniques and strategies work best for them. With this e-mail course, we want to share the best tips & tricks with everyone - for free! Our e-mails are delivered to you every Tuesday and Wednesday. Feel free to ask us any questions that we have not answered on this page.
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Why did you call it Uber You?
@bentossell We want people to become their best self, to be at their best everyday, at work and at home. And we thought Über (as in super) You is the perfect name.
@ruieduardonunes and nothing to do with the Uber that most (if not all) the startup community has heard of? 😏 Maybe 'Super You' might have been better...I think a lot of the community may think you are trying to piggyback on the name. I know startups in general share a lot of the same names and now start to lose vowels to differentiate themselves 🙈. We are going to run out of names soon!
@bentossell I have to agree when I heard the name I thought oh that's cool "an Uber where you can sell your services"
@ruieduardonunes @bentossell I had the same immediate thought. "It's a service to rent myself like a car?"
@bentossell have you signed up for this? I am intrigued!
@harrystebbings no. Theres already so many articles, sites, emails, courses etc on these things. I tend to overlook them.
@bentossell @harrystebbings Thanks for the comments. Our content is mainly driven by what we have learnt from our work at Soma Analytics. We are a digital health startup in London, UK and on a mission to make individuals and companies more resilient, productive, and healthier. Over the years, we have had the chance to test and implement a number of evidence-based strategies. Some of these have worked particularly well and we have condensed those into easy-to-digest articles which will take less than 2 minutes to read. In addition, we want to suggest apps and further resources if you want to learn more. Thanks again for joining this conversation!
@davhab @bentossell well sold david signing up now!
@harrystebbings @bentossell glad to hear Harry! Any feedback is super welcome :)