Uber Web

Redesigned desktop friendly PWA for requesting an Uber

Dear PH community,
Happy to introduce the redesigned web booking flow for Uber.
Key Changes
1) Desktop First
2) Optimised for new riders
3) New tech stack (Fusion.js)
This also affects riders using Uber's Windows 10 app
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Hi PH, We redesigned the web booking flow (PWA) for Uber. Check it out at m.uber.com Main changes - Desktop first design because we saw 30% of m.uber riders already request rides on desktop - Optimized for new riders because we saw that when given a choice, many riders prefer to request their first rides on the web. We saw up to 60% better first trip conversions in our experiments on Uber.com in regions such as Brazil and India - Migrated to Fusion.js making the experience faster and better (Better time to first byte and Page interactivity)
@madhur_chadha Hi. I checked it out and the web app looks really beautiful. I think I will use this as much as the Android app.
@madhur_chadha This is still not working. The "Request Uber" button won't do anything. Has been like that for weeks since it was launched live. You can't zoom on the map with the trackpad either, and other clicks won't work at times.
@davidvm Which browser are you using ? Ca
@madhur_chadha Chrome on a Chromebook, best platform for web apps.
@madhur_chadha I also tested it on another Chromebook, and on 2 Android phones, and with different accounts, and got the same issue. I don't know if maybe it's a country restriction or something, but I was using the previous version of the PWA successfully before.
@davidvm that is strange. Possible to DM me your phone number you are using with the account? Which region are you trying in ?