Avatarize yourself with a selfie. Talk, walk, act in A/R.

UBeBot is an app that creates an avatar of yourself with a selfie. Record your voice and your avatar will speak and act out what you say with emotion and nuance.

Put your avatar in A/R and make your avatar interact with the environment through speaking, pointing, gesturing gazing and walking.

Create videos, share on social media.

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This app uses your own voice in combination with AI to make your avatar act out what you say, including gesturing that is relevant to your utterance. There are several interesting interactive capaiblities: 1) You can use a photo of yourself or someone else to create the avatar. 2) The ability to store any number of avatar performances, then activate them on demand - this allows you to create 'conversations' with your avatar. 3) The ability to carefully craft an utterance with specific gestures (i.e. air quotes, the 'bird', 'peace' symbol, etc.) 4) The ability to gaze in an A/R environment - gazing significantly adds to the perception that the avatar is alive. 5) The ability to walk inside of an A/R environment by clicking on a location while in the A/R mode.
@new_user_656ca9f105 Just checked out uBeBot. Here are my first impressions: 1. The rendering of my face looks far better/more accurate than I thought it would. Nice job. 2. The face of the avatar looks incomplete; the background bleeds through the top of the shirt collar & part of my head has a green "blotch" on it. 3. I'm bald. I went to Clothes>Hair & I don't see a 100% bald option. The closest I can find is bald on top/hair on the sides. 4. I recorded an AR video & the output resolution is low/underwhelming (1280x1840). 5. uBeBot crashes a lot...I'm sending you guys "Feedback" so you can troubleshoot.
@ghundermark Thank you very much for the constuctive comments - this kind of feedback is very helpful. 1) ..but did you try out the talking and gesturing? That's the best part... 2) Yes, the art needs a lot of tweaking. The avatar face/head results should come from the photo that you took. If you send me a picture of the green blotch, I can better understand what it is (shapiro@embodydigital.com) 3) Great idea - I just added the bald hairstyle - you should be able to see it on reinstall. 4) I suppose we could query the phones capabilities and give people the option of recording at maximum resolutions? The original use case we were thinking of was small social media files, but there is probably a use for higher-res videos. 5) Yes, please. The more information the better, thanks! Ari
@embodydigital @new_user_656ca9f105 Ari, I will followup via e-mail about item #2. Some more feedback: 1. How about an option to choose different upper/lower body types? I just tried creating a friend & his face looks great but he isn't a tall gentleman & he's got a more muscular build/body. 2. From the avatar screen, I am naturally wanting to pinch with two fingers to zoom in & out on my avatar/make them larger or smaller. This appears to rotate my avatar's head. EDIT: I just found how to "pinch to scale" but it wasn't obvious at first. 3. How about an option to upload an audio clip in addition to recording it directly on in the app? 4. Any plans to be able to incorporate multiple avatars into the field of view? 5. What about action paths? The ability for an avatar to travel from one place in the field of view to another? Thanks Ari!
@embodydigital @ghundermark in response: 1. Yes, body types are on the list of features to add. 2. Some of the screen touch features control the character, such as touching the screen to make the avatar gaze. That was the thought behind the 'scale and rotate' button in the upper left. I agree its a little clunky, but there's a lot of functionality that we tried to stuff into the app. 3. Good idea. That'll be fun. 4. How would you control two avatars? How would they be used? 5. What do you mean by that? Right now you switch to walking mode when in A/R (upper right below the eye icon) then tap on a location and the character walks to that location.