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This looks like and GoButler combined into one app almost... anyone else agree?
@mrsharma Totally agree
@mrsharma are you using I am just curious if the emails actually say from amy@x.ia or if we can assign something else.
@streamnowceo the email address CC'd is always :( Signed up for Clara and going to give that a run this week thanks to @marannelson & her team!
@mrsharma thanks, Clara looks good too.
@streamnowceo Will let you know how it goes!
Looks like this is Europe based. How do they cater for customers in the US or Asia given the time differences?
@casielane I wonder this too
@status_200_ok @casielane confirmed it's UK and Portugal. It was in the FAQs.
@casielane they don't .."we are working hard in order to succeed in helping companies and professionals from other countries to gain time for themselves and their business."
@hgottfried thank you. I'm impatient and didn't look deep enough. ๐Ÿ˜‰
Checked back to see if they added US doesn't look like it's still in service