Making user agreements easy to read

Shows you summaries of Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for the website you are browsing.

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Hello, I'm the product creator, feel free to give your honest feedback on any of the questions below, thanks! 1) What do you think of this product? 2) Would this product solve your problem? 3) How likely are you/would you be to tell your friends about this product? 4) Would you ever use this product?
@samuel_karani1 Nice one @samuel_karani1 1) Interesting 2) Yes 3) Fairly likely 4) Not very frequently, but might use it sometimes I am more likely to find this useful if it could summarise if the privacy policy or terms of use has anything unusual that I must notice. Currently, it just shows text that is still too legal-friendly. Also, if you could give the privacy policy a trust score, it would be nice. For websites that honor user privacy could be given a good score, while websites that share user information with third-parties could be given a poor score, etc.
@jitesh_dugar thanks for the feedback!
@samuel_karani1 How are you generating the summaries? Is this some sort of NLP on the Terms, or are you manually writing these out for specific websites?
@mdavep hello Menachem, the summaries are currently generated by algorithms but we may release a crowd-sourced in the future for better accuracy. Let me know your thoughts on the questions above, thanks.