Change this world, simply by traveling

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Hey Product Hunters, i'm in charge of strategy at U2guide. We connect local insiders & travelers worldwide and fund cultural, environmental & humanitarian initiatives. It's a new way for everyone to trigger change around the world - simply by traveling or guiding travelers with 50% of our profits going to philanthropic projects via our partner NGOs. You can book or list anything from city visits, bike tours, hikes, nightlife, surf lessons, camping, adventures, trails...you decide, we take care of the rest. How fun is that? We're very excited to hear your feedback and answer any questions. Let's make an impact together!
This is an awesome idea guys - congratulations! Imagine the amount of work and help you could provide if more people used your website! I'm definitely using it on my next vacations.
@rutgerteunissen thanks, message me when you wanna book anything i'll be happy to help you out!
Namaste Product Hunters! I'm one of U2G’s founders. Indeed we've traveled a lot and helped many NGOs on the ground. Through time, we came up with an innovative way to use one to the benefit of the other… U2G is not only about traveling: it’s about selecting & supporting the most efficient Environmental, Cultural and Humanitarian initiatives in visited countries, while having fun, meeting locals and doing amazing things. I'll be very happy to answer all your questions on philanthropy!
Wonderful Project guys !
Super proud of the folks at @U2guide Éric, Paul, and Nicolas! I worked with them all the way up to this RocketClub campaign launch and they've got a really interesting view on the world. I think its because they've traveled practically everywhere. Their views extend to the way they think about their business. It shows in their campaign and also in their plan to give back 50% company profits to humanitarian causes. I really hope they succeed!
Hey Erik, thanks so much for hunting us! Looking forward to our @rocketclubco campaign as well ;)
@rocketclubco Thanks so much Erik!