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Creating a personal set of standards to compare and contrasts schools based on what matters to you.



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Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
YES! This is needed! Because most of the time students are like:
Jesse ReichensteinMaker@jreichenstein · Founder at UDecide
@as_austin Thanks Austin! Love the GIF. I know when I was looking at colleges I *thought* I knew what I was doing but looking back I was more like this http://ow.ly/Z6IVi
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@as_austin I think most adults feel the same way 😁
Austin Sandmeyer@as_austin · Thinker/Student/Rockstar
@rrhoover Hahah True! 😂🙌
Jacob Bendicksen@jacobbendicksen · student @yale
As someone currently waiting to hear back from colleges, this would've been so helpful six months ago! Great job -- hope this can help as many students as possible.
Jesse ReichensteinMaker@jreichenstein · Founder at UDecide
@jacobbendicksen Thanks Jacob! Well let us know if you go back and visit the colleges you get into or use it on an admitted students day! Best of luck with the rest of your college decision!
Jesse ReichensteinMaker@jreichenstein · Founder at UDecide
Hey ProductHunt! We know many of you probably aren't looking at colleges right now but maybe you know someone who is! Going from thinking about who you're going to ask to prom to making a potential quarter of a million dollar decision can be a big and stressful jump for an 18 year old. We've found going on a college tour can be the best way to really decide if you could see yourself at the school, but they all show you similar places at their school and after a few they can definitely start to blend together. That's why we built U Decide, So you can passively rate a school as you visit and snap a picture or jot a note down so you can go back and trigger you memory. We want to give students a way to rate schools that is personal to what matters to them, not just through filters of what sites like USNews or the CollegeBoard say is good. If you want to share any experiences with college tours (with or without or app!), I'd love to hear from you at Jesse@UDecide.College