Quickly check your website for spelling errors

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Thanks for feedback everyone. Typical...API went down today. We are swapping now to a more stable and flexible one at the moment. Please check back later. Will keep you posted.
This was developed by the guys at Passion Digital in the UK. Its a nifty little dino sat in your chrome bar that checks your site for spelling errors with one click. I've found it pretty handy on a couple of occasions! Plus it's a great name.
Does it do grammar checking too?
Awesome idea - nothing says unprofessional like typos...
Looks great but not working for me unfortunately! Stuck on infinitely scanning. Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < www.typosaur.us/404.html:1
@goeric - Replacing API with automattic's own spelling engine which is more robust and powerful. Stay tuned :)