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A blogging and postcast hosting platform with minimal design but powerful features.
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Typlog has been running quietly for nearly 3 years. It was started as my hobby project to replace my own static site generator. In the first version, it was a static site generator with admin portal to create and edit posts. Later, I found it was not easy to add new feature, it then became dynamic. With the power of cache, it is still blazing fast, from nginx log, the average rendering time is 3ms. There are some features that I am proud of: 1. Well designed themes and templates 2. Invention of image gallery in Markdown: https://blog.typlog.com/images 3. Many useful built-in integrations: https://typlog.com/integrations/ 4. Compatible with microformats and microdata 5. WebSub & Webmention support Here are some example sites: 1. my own blog: https://lepture.com/ 2. official blog: https://blog.typlog.com/ And the price is pretty affordable. We are offering a **25% coupon** for Product Hunt users. Use this link to sign up: https://typlog.com/?utm_source=p... When you add your credit card, you will see a coupon in your billing page.
@lepture Looking great! Noticed a small typo on pricing page: "Staff Memebers". Or is it really something about memes? :)
Congratulations on the launch! The design is looking great !! Keep going!
Congrats on the launch mate. I've been Typlog's user for half a year now. It's amazing for setting up a website in a hassle-free way but still maintaining high quality visual theme. Love it and not regret at all.
I love the simplicty and the rich features. One note to put in considration though, the Intro image that I see when I first enter your website is kinda like an empty or a (placeholder) image, I was like waiting to get the real image or data, see what's happen when product page popups here on producthunt, the image looks similer maybe you would put more colors or highlight or something, I don't know. Congratiolations and keep up the good work ๐Ÿค™๐Ÿป
@__ahmadim thanks for your suggestions. Maybe I can put some real images like this page.
Pretty simple, cool, blogging service.
@lichtspektrum ๅŽŸๆฅๆœ่€ๅธˆ่‹ฑๆ–‡ๆ˜ฏSteven