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You'd have an edge if you offered an on-premise solution, which I don't believe Slack currently offers. Many companies still fear using cloud-based communication systems for internal communication due to the confidentiality of some data.
@ryan_masilionis Agreed. You need to differentiate because it's just too similar to Slack. It looks like a good product but Slack had a huge head start. Find your niche and you'll survive. Have you considered focusing on specific industries (attorneys, for example)?
Nice site design that does a good job of explaining the concept. There might be some interesting ways to compete with Slack. For example, many open source projects or online communities (not businesses) grow large communities which, when billed per-user, become prohibitively expensive. Many have considered paying for Slack, but their cheapest paid plan would be $10,000 per month.
Nice UI!
Product looks nice. We we're actually thinking about creating a mini slack or some kind of variation - only allows 5 to 10 posts per day to cut out noise (still experimenting with this).
It's an exact copy of slack. Good luck entering that market.
@michaelabehsera why so negative? Slack is awesome but there's always room for improvement or a new way of doing things. This is even more true as platforms and behaviors change.
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@michaelabehsera There is always roon for something new. Specially in messaging.