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TypeStory.co is : a simplified user-story writing tool for product designers and managers.

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It is a common knowledge that a user story should not be too broad or too detailed. Too detailed and you get lost reading it. Too broad and you miss out important information. Despite the fact that everyone writing style differs, we still need to write something that is easily understandable to almost everyone. For someone new to writing technical document of such, finding the middle ground might be a daunting task to accomplish. Therefore I created this tool to help out some of the new guys on training in my current company and I think it might be useful for others outside of the company. I am attempting a better and faster way of writing user stories especially for entry level UX designer and project managers or owners. On there you can: - Write an epic faster and cleaner. - Write precise and informative user stories - Write acceptance criteria - And export them to excel. This is good especially for project management student and others who are just learning how to write users stories that is understandable to almost everyone, in simple and clear standard format. Feedback will be much appreciated.
I think it would be better if you didn't need to sign in and could just copy the output to your clipboard at the end...
@jbpdempsey Thanks for your observation. We are working on giving the option of using the website without signing-in with the warning that users might lose data if browser is closed. Users can then export each Epic/ stories to excel before closing the browser.
@jbpdempsey @adebayohassan Can you save data to local storage?
I'm having flashbacks to my early PM days. 😁
will to try
@adebayohassan Why is sign in required? Seems like a fast, great tool for folks to use, but concerns about sending data, associated to an account, to an (somewhat unknown) website. (Especially if one was using it to write out requirements for roadmap type stories.)
@rgoodwin Thanks that you see it as fast and and great tools to use. Thats what I am shooting for. Concerns : Sign in: We decided to add sign in order for people to keep record of their stories (Data). - Will work on giving option of using the website without signing-in with the warning that users might lose data if browser is closed.
@adebayohassan Sounds good. I think options are best and might have more general adoption, which can lead to conversions later. :)