Welcome new team members better, wherever they are.

Joining a new company is stressful. Typelane makes it easy to give new hires the best possible start – regardless if they work remotely or in the office.
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Hey Product Hunt! And a big thanks to @kevin for hunting us! 🙌 We built Typelane to make it easier to welcome new employees regardless if they are joining you in the office or working remotely. Onboarding new talent is something most companies struggle with. It’s manual, time-consuming and complex. We want to make it easier for everyone. With Typelane you can set up the ideal onboarding for your team, company or role. Add anything from videos, gifs to important to-do’s and questions you need input on. Press send and let Typelane do the rest. Everything will even be branded after your company's identity! Changing jobs is difficult and onboarding has a big impact on how long team members stay and how they feel about their new job. So let’s make sure to give everyone the best onboarding possible! We can’t wait to hear what you guys think about Typelane and how we can improve it!
This reminds me of the book "Work rules" where Laszlo Bock describes how they onboard new employees at Google after a lot of tests. Great job ?makers !
Effective tool for the person responsible of onboarding new employees. Even more so now when new hires start working remotely. Well done and thank you for this product!
Great initiative, especially in these times!
What’s your story? How and why did you end up solving this problem?
👋 @jaakko_timonen1 great question! Prior to Typelane, I have been at several fast growing companies and experienced how hard it is to give new hires a smooth onboarding experience. Things easily are forgotten and we felt that there must be a better way which sparked the idea for Typelane.