Typeform v2 (beta)

Build beautiful conversational forms, surveys and more

Typeform v2 (BETA) is a fresh update to Typeform with a lot of new features like a new Build section and flow. Creating a typeform will feel different, but it’s designed to be faster and require less clicking around.

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Anyone else been lucky enough to use Typeform v2 yet? I did yesterday on my account (I think they are still slowly rolling it out) I like that the flow of building a form is now linear and you can see what is going on the whole time. The design will take a little time to get used to but that's ok. Typeform is a product I love so will be happy to! The one thing I was slighlty confused with was the 'Results' page (an example below). As it wasn't a great way for me to scroll through ~50 responses. The summary didn't really help at all. But when I clicked 'Responses' it was all fine, so I wonder what the thought was behind that decision?
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@bentossell We have not rolled out the new responses section yet (coming very soon). Expect a kind of "Inbox" for typeform responses instead of a table.
@okuiux cool. I just found it difficult to understand the UX when I have lots of responses that I'm trying to take a look at. But one of your PMs has reached out and I'll be jumping on a call with them shortly to provide feedback :)
@bentossell Awesome, appreciate you putting in the time!
@bentossell Playing with it, now. Been about 2 weeks. Very nice.
The new editor looks super clean. Eager to try this out!
Nice work @okuiux Typeform remains one of the most useful and beautifully designed tools in tech, nice to see it's been updated to be even more user friendly.
@abadesi Thanks! It's a big change from how typeforms get built at the moment on v1. We want to make typeform building feel like writing a document.
inb4 @dhof's v2 😼
The results page redesign is really bad, I need more insights not less with my pro account. Somehow I feel there is another 💰 upgrade coming soon for in-depth analytics