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Typeform is such a delight to use... you can now use it on the go with android I'll let @okuiux tell you more :)
Wow, Typeform was already pretty damn easy to use before. Curious what made you build LITE: people wanting to create forms from their phone? Or just lowering the creation bar that much further so you can acquire many more users? Thanks! p.s. Please bring back the screen-licking dog on the website.
@edecaria The screen-licking dog made for the best screensaver ever. I still use it!.
@edecaria We in the process of re-thinking the way typeforms get build, so we went mobile first. Lite, is the first step towards a dumbed down markdown editor for generating typeforms which is a new approach we're testing. Watch this space.
@edecaria Sorry about dog ;) We loved him too.
@okuiux Cool. Makes sense. Thanks for sharing the additional info.
ios please!
@ourielohayon Coming in about 2 weeks....
@okuiux : A Big fan @typeform fan I am. Welcome to Play store :)
we use typeform now for one of our projects---killer app and easy to use
@workstationw Awesome Bill. Have you tried LITE yet?