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We’re super excited to present Typeform Connect ! You can now integrate your beautiful forms with your favorite apps 🎉 Build the workflows that work for you and your team. Like sending new leads to @hubspot for easy follow up. Or use @autopilotus to re-engage with your leads at the right time. Or quickly follow up on your customer feedback with Typeform + NomNom Integration . Check out Typeform Connect (https://www.typeform.com/connect) to integrate or list your app.
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@picsoung This looks really cool! And great timing, we're about to launch our Typeform integration for Parabola.io
@picsoung Third party developers can add integrations?
@jmsuth Hi Jon, we would be happy to review your integration when it is ready. Please submit it via the partner link on the Typeform Connect page. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Luke
@raphaelwcosta Hi Raphael, we are happy to also have 3rd party developer integrations listed as well. We have a review process, which is linked from Typeform Connect. Please submit the completed integration to the Typeform Partners Program and we will be in touch. We can't wait to see what you have been working on. Thanks, Luke
@lukeam We applied to be a partner, and just launched our Typeform integration!
Congrats to the entire Typeform team! Being able to continue the remarkable experience after submitting a Typeform by automating communications and once repetitive tasks truly exciting. This opens up a tonne of exciting use cases!
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NomNom integrated with Typeform pretty much since day one, and we were super excited when the new API was made available: our integration got a complete redesign and gain new capabilities, which were hard to pull off before.

Can't wait to see what's next.


Super easy to integrate with. The API is really versatile and yet really easy to use.


Can't think of anything

Integrate Shopify! It would be a game changer. Automate.io only goes so far.
@peterperezjr Hi Peter, we also love Shopify. I would be delighted to hear which first use case you would find most useful between Shopify and Typeform? We appreciate your thoughts, Luke
@lukeam Hey Luke! I currently use Typeform + Shopify + Automate.io for onboarding visitors. Automatically creates an account on Shopify using Typeform. However, if it made it easy for visitors to buy items from Shopify from Typeform that would be epic.
@peterperezjr Okay - now it is getting interesting. So your customers first interaction with you is via Typeform, which then creates the account in Shopify. The following piece, is second phase where that same customer could then actually make the purchasing decision within the Typeform interface. Am I understanding that correctly?
@lukeam Yea exactly. Your survey is much more intuitive than creating an account on Shopify. You can add questions and then it can creates tags in Shopify for that particular visitor/customer - which you can then later cater your marketing efforts to those tags. The options are endless lol. But yes, adding a feature where I can buy an item from Typeform would be dope, however not sure how the checkout api will work with Shopify. You might be able to add to cart then check out in Shopify, but it's something.
What's difference between using Connect and hooking up things with Zapier?
@tim_nugmanov Hi there Tim! Thanks for you question Typeform Connect is our platform for exploring the different integrations to Typeform. Some of those are enabled by Zapier (and Automate.io), others are integrations built by us, by developers, or by our partners. We wanted to provide a platform focused on helping our customers find the best solution that helps them get the most value from Typeform. The advantage of using native integrations (integrations that sit directly within our product) is a much friendlier setup, and integrations that are built specifically to meet our users' needs. Also, Native integrations often have more functionality (for instance, our native HubSpot integration offers source tracking), and some integrations are exclusive to being native (for instance, Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager). We have a lot more integrations being added to Typeform Connect in the coming weeks - and will be building loads more in collaboration with our partners in the coming months. Hope you enjoy it 😄