Typeform Chat

Convert your typeforms into Facebook Messenger conversations


Amrith Shanbhag
@ambonium · making ideas happen at feathrd
This is a game-changer. #MakeTypeformGreatAgain
Jonathan Zinger
@__zinger__ · building relationships @getgrove
Yet another amazing and beautiful experience courtesy of Typeform!
Giacomo Melzi
@igecky · Tech enthusiast, occasional philosopher
Eventually Typeform provides a way to collect data using a more “human” kind of interaction and the form mechanic to me is just one instance of it so experimenting with a message bot and moving towards an even more “design-invisible” tool makes a whole lot of sense to me. Typeform’s guys are awesome, congrats @okuiux !
Lior Romanowsky
@liorowsky · Founder at Spartans
#Typeform is one of my favorite tools. @okuiux you guys nailed it. Amazing UX.
Catalin Pop
Cool feature. This is just for Facebook Messenger or you provide some API to integrate with other chat apps?