Type Loop

Animated text on your photos, from your phone

#5 Product of the DayAugust 22, 2019
Type Loop is an iOS app that lets you create unique text animations on top of your photos. You can download it and share it on your story. It comes with 12 text loops, and 9 effects and distortions. It's free to download and no sign up required.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
A colleague and I have been working on this for almost a year, and we're excited to share with everyone!
@mikehobi What a great effects, will use it definitely. Perfect for Insta Stories and to make gifs from. Exporting to gifs would be great though.
@mikehobi This app looks awesome, I would love to try it on my Android phone :')
@patrickloonstra We're considering adding a lot of new rendering output options, including file format!
@mrgt_ We're definitely looking to make an Android app in the future!
@mikehobi Just downloaded Type Loop and had a play! This is a pretty darned good first version – congratulations on the release. There are a few additions I would like to see added in future versions (I realise some of these may already be planned), and would happily pay a reasonable one-off fee to access further features. 1. Ability to add multiple layers. 2. Option to reverse the animation – especially for the likes of animation M7. 3. Static text option – to create a watermark effect. 4. Masking. I could probably think of more, but these would be ones I personally would like to see added. Keep up the great work!
Hey @craigcpaterson, Thanks for the feedback! Those are all great suggestions and ones we're hoping to add!
Would you consider photo exporting too? It's surprisingly difficult to make text effects like this using iOS apps.
Hey, this is a really cool app :) I'll probably be using it frequently while messaging my friends, making memes, etc. I'm not much of a social media sharer, but this has great potential. Thanks!
as for me, good app!