Mac menu bar app that @torrez really needed to take notes

Tyke is a tiny app that lives in your Mac menu bar. Its your scratch piece of paper when you need to write something down.

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Version 2.0 will have Clippy.
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@chrismessina but Clippy is a P1!
@chrismessina cool added to my writing collection
I’m not aware of a thing that Andre has made that I haven’t wanted or needed without knowing it.
@jmacias what other apps has he made that I don't know I need but most definitely probably do?

unclutter app is note taking, clipboard and project folders features at the same interface. It's easy, it's fast, flawless and yet not a menu bar app in case you dont want more menu bar icons (bartender to handle that)




Nothing special. Unclutter works and does more than tyke do with just a gesture.

Really like this. A modern version of the Mac OS notes widget. Is there a keyboard shortcut to invoke it?
I use Alfred + IA Writer for these use cases all the time
@blakesamic What's the workflow? Does IA saves everything that I type in Alfred without the need of manual process of opening IA and then creating new doc?
@parwinder IA is a light enough app that Alfred can open it super quickly. So I just use Alfred to open IA and then start a new note with a keyboard shortcut. Very fast overall. Much lighter than opening Evernote for example.