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Every day, enterprises around the world use Tydy to successfully onboard & engage 1000's of employees and in doing so - increase retention in their organizations.

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With Tydy's employee onboarding software your employees get the best, personalized experience and you get the best automated & scalable solution out there. Check it out for free! Use the code "tydyHunt" when scheduling a demo and we will offer an extended trial period!
We believe the modern workplace is changing and that personalized onboarding is the first step to nurturing a great company culture. We would love to hear from you about: ** IF YOU RUN or LEAD A COMPANY ** - What is the most important part of onboarding new employees in your company? - What benefits you would hope for if you use Tydy to automate onboarding? ** IF YOU'RE AN EMPLOYEE ** - What has been your favorite onboarding experience so far? - What do you think is missing from employee onboarding experiences?
Can this be adapted to o boarding new clients ?
@pmlonglamoureux Hi Preston. While our platform is currently optimized for employee onboarding, at a high-level, it can be used to automate and schedule messages, deliver content based on certain triggers and assign tasks based on smart workflows. So if your client onboarding requires you to do any of the above, you might be able to adapt it to your use case. However, I can only be sure once I understand the kind of activities involved in 'client onboarding' at your company.
I liked the concept & way it makes the on-boarding process smoother. Would you be interested in getting featured on StartupYar.com ?
Thanks for the vote of confidence @varunbagga8. Would love to chat about getting features - lets connect on Twitter (@menon_kiran) and take it forward.