The digital job notebook for freelancers

Tycoon lets freelancers stay up to date with their freelance earnings so they know at all times what they are getting paid, which payments are yet to come in, and which ones are overdue.

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I'm excited to share Tycoon with all of you on Product Hunt. Tycoon is one of the companies we have been fortunate enough to work with here at Human Ventures. The company was founded by Jess Perez, an experienced freelancer who was looking for a simple, digital way to track her income and payments from multiple, international clients. Tycoon was most recently featured by Credit Donkey as one of the best finance apps of 2017. I've been impressed with the team who have all had first had experience with the life of a freelancer and have built a product that speaks to their audience in a unique way. With Tycoon, simplicity is key. The app allows freelancers to easily record their jobs in any currency, see their income divided into paid, waiting, and overdue payment status, and send pre-populated email reminders to clients when payments are past due. The next feature set (out next week!) will let freelancers track the amount of taxes they should save from each paycheck so they can know their actual ‘take home’ income. It’s proven to be an awesome tool for freelancers from every profession you can think of-from consultants to graphic designers, models to yoga teachers- letting them take control of their financial lives and make better financial predictions for the future. Jess will be on Product Hunt live today at 10AM PDT / 1PM EDT Join here: https://www.producthunt.com/live...
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@heather_hartnett Thanks, Heather! We're so excited to have launched here! I want to offer a promo code to the Product Hunt community to get access to our premium features (out soon) for free. Just use "PRODHUNT" :).
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@heather_hartnett Solves a real problem in a beautiful, simple and effective way. The UI is delightful. Well done to the team.
@tese_omesan Thank you! We worked on the product UI for a long time. We wanted it to be clean and clear, and to easily to fit in with the freelancer's lifestyle.
Hello hunters! I am Marta, product manager of @TycoonTracker. We have been working tirelessly and now we are looking forward to hear your thoughts on Tycoon. Hopefully you will find our app useful to keep track of your jobs and the status of your payments, to send reminders and to save for taxes (coming soon!). Enjoy our premium account for free using this code PRODHUNT Happy freelancing!
@martagonz @tycoontracker I love the new design and the reminder function, now I don't feel guilty reminding my clients when they are late on a payment. Keep up the great work!!
@gui_gar @martagonz @tycoontracker Thank you! As freelancers we are often made to feel bad for asking for payments we deserve. It's really strange when you think about it, but I can totally relate. Hope you experience some guilt-free reminding!
@jesslperez @martagonz @tycoontracker Yes, exactly! Why do we feel bad for asking for our own money? It doesn’t make sense, right? This type of tech definitely helps me be more business minded about the whole payment process. I like that the email reminder is friendly, but professional.
@gui_gar @martagonz @tycoontracker Yes, we are very aware that freelancing is a relationships-based career so it's a delicate balance between making sure we get paid and keeping the client-freelancer relationship friendly.
@gui_gar We also have a blog with advice to help freelancers manage their relationships and develop their business. You can get to it from our homepage www.tycoonapp.com :)
If you have any questions about the product, freelancing, our vision or anything else, our CEO Jess is doing her live chat now until 2pm EDT// 10AM PDT. https://www.producthunt.com/live...
Very cool! As a sometime freelancer consulting for other startups, I'll definitely be using this. Looking forward to the tax-tracker feature as well, since that is definitely a pain point come tax season
@dan_berger Thank you! Let us know how you find the app!
@dan_berger thank you! the tax feature is coming soon! enjoy it with the PRODHUNT promo code
I know SO many people who can use this, so happy to see y'all launch! Congrats Jess, Aine, Heather and Joe!
@sdotglass Thanks for your support, Sean!