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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 01, 2019
Write emails, create notes, set reminders and assign to-dos — your everyday tools in Twobird. A new email app from the makers of Notability.
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Just discussed this new email app from the makers of Notability. They are trying to merge notes and email. Good thing is that the app is available for all major platforms and design is very minimal. What do you think of this guys?
“Free” - what’re the plans for monetizing this? Monthly fee? Scraping every private detail of my life? Eventually selling to Salesforce?
@chrisdolle Our plan is definitely not scraping your private details – we don’t like that as a business model either. Our plan is to offer the current feature set for free, and sell premium features in the future. Please see our FAQ and privacy policy at the bottom of our website.
Trying this out now. Props to launching on all major apps! Hopefully this can replace bloated Spark. As a left handed user thank you for adding touch slide out gesture for the sidebar on mobile! Would love to be able to swipe left or full right swipe to delete a message like you can set in Spark. Best of luck 🙌
@scottramsay Thank you Scott! Glad to hear that we are suiting your left handed needs. Let us know if there are other features you would like to see (you can reach us at
Looks very nice! Would love to see when/if it supports more than gmail
@tonyyo11 We are working on supporting other email accounts in the future. Thank you!
Been looking for a nice app that works with iphone, mac and pc.. and looks like I found it!
We sure hope so :)