Two to Tango

Go on dates with your friends (NY only)

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We've seen a ton of dating apps (see this collection) and a few that have focused on group dating (Grouper being the most prominent). I'll give this a try once they expand to SF.
Hi Everyone! I’m Cody and I’m one of the founders of Two to Tango. We are trying to make mobile dating a more social experience and are focused on getting small groups of people together. We’d love any feedback and are here to answer any questions.
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@Layer @ronp Thanks! I just read the blog post - interesting piece. I assume that some of the interactions (e.g. the typing indicator) to alleviate pressure on someone writing the message. Opportunities in improving the initial point of contact after a match seem to coming to a head with Tinder acquiring Tappy and Bumble allowing communication through photo sharing. I'd love to chat sometime!
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