Two Dollar Club

Crisp $2 bills delivered monthly

Found this on HN. This is hilarious but it works.
I thought startup business plans were trying to sell $100 bills for $95 and making profit on the volume. Didn't we see the laundry quarter business fail because people didn't want to pay $15 for $10 in quarters?
@SacBookReviewer There was a laundry quarter business???
@UXAndrew I think they were even on PH.
@SacBookReviewer yes they were, and closed shop within a week. Surprisingly they replied to a comment I left and said they had few dozen subscribers if memory serves me right. Not bad for the first week of operation.
Now's my chance to "become an instant micro celebrity."
@rrhoover It's a funny turn of phrase, but this is actually a solid idea. Lots of people want to be "popular" at specific places and fail. This is a cool idea!
or you could just go to your bank and get a $2 bill for $2; instead of paying $3 for each $2 bill.
@_jacksmith Exactly. I like having $2 bills myself, also learned this from Altucher, but I just go to my local bank and order them, they usually will have it for me within the week.nnAlso, I don't understand why their pricing doesn't discount bulk orders. $300 for $200 worth of bills, really?
@_jacksmith I also wonder if it's even legal to sell money above it's face value
I use $2 bills for tips (have for years) but like @narekk I go to the bank. This startup reminds me of a PT Barnum quote: "A fool and his money are soon parted." Pretty sure he was talking about this startup (even though he died in 1891).
Wow. I'm going to set up a startup to sell air now.
@desisaran Someone beat you to it Being sold for .80 a can for 2 years now. But I think it's still possible to position yourself as the low cost provider. LOL