A macOS app for Twitter DM & tweeting from the menu bar


The main purpose of Twizzy is to be a standalone messenger for Twitter. You can use it in collapsed or expanded mode. It supports everything that messages on Twitter support: gifs, images, stickers, etc. You can also send tweets directly from the menu bar. You can attach images, gifs, polls, etc. The support for multiple accounts is coming soon.

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Chase Olivieri
Danielle Johnson
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  • MaX Falstein
    MaX FalsteinCEO, CET & Founder of MaX Saxe Design

    Simple design, easy to use, dark mode is excellent and always works.


    Nothing to report.

    Twizzy is a clean and simple macOS app which delivers on everything promised.

    Please, may @thekitze add an emoji button to equickly launch the emoji keybord?

    I would like to be able to tweet using the Touch Bar; it seems crazy but I would love to see if it works.

    MaX Falstein has used this product for one week.