Twitter Promote Mode

Auto-amplify your business and Tweets with a subscription

Promote Mode is an always-on, amplification engine. It automatically promotes your Tweets and profile, steadily attracting more followers and additional reach for a flat fee of $99 per month. There’s no ad campaign management necessary. People using Promote Mode just Tweet as they normally do -- publishing updates for their audience.

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Hey ProductHunt, We built Promote Mode for small businesses and personal brands looking to grow their presence on Twitter without the hassle of managing advertising campaigns. Wook put it the best: "Promote Mode fills a need for simplicity and continuous results that many people on Twitter have been seeking." This is our beta launch and we're excited to experiment, learn, and expand on what we have now. Thanks Mike for the hunt! You can learn more about Promote Mode in our blog post:
I'm curious to give this a try but it's unclear how effective it will be in extending reach. Anyone have experience with this? Can you share more details on how it works, @yonajune, @wooky2000, and @huffman?
@rrhoover Our FAQ has our target audience for this beta!
@rrhoover @yonajune reach will depend on a number of factors like the audience selected and the type and frequency of your Tweets. On average a Promote Mode customer reaches about 30,000 people in a month. On a relative basis, this level is typically more impactful for accounts with followers under 2,000. If you have a really high follower count and already get a lot of reach organically, Promote Mode will still extend your reach on an absolute basis but it may not be as impactful if the promoted reach is a small percentage of your organic reach. As Albert says, we're excited to launch, learn and iterate from here!
@rrhoover We have also partnered with Sprout Social to bring this functionality to their customers who often have more active Twitter profiles. Hey @pcutty maybe you can add more context?
@huffman Sure thing! @rrhoover, as Kelly said, the team here at Sprout Social partnered with Twitter to build a solution on top of Promote Mode that could be used by a wider audience. We created Lift, by Sprout Social which offers multiple tiers of access beyond the $99/mo plan. Lift offers four plans: Basic at $99/mo (comparable to Promote Mode), Plus at $249/mo, Ultra at $499/mo, and Supreme at $999/mo. We saw beta customers across all plans see really positive results over a 90 day program. On average, they 2x’ed both reach and engagements each month. Lift uses the same always-on amplification engine behind Promote Mode, but it’s integrated into Sprout’s social marketing platform so you can easily manage the engagement from the incremental lift. We also offer aggregated reporting on your Lift subscription so you can really gauge the ROI of your spend. I hunted Lift, by Sprout Social earlier today! 🙌🏽
@pcutty Can people subscribe only yo use Lift or is it only available to SS customers? I checked your site but you have to opt in to learn more!
This seems like an interesting concept. How does it pick what content to amplify? Some of my tweets are personal versus some are meant to engage with my audience. Can I give it some direction or is everything automatic?
@ryanjosephhill Promote Mode selects the first 10 Tweets each day. Check out the FAQ @yonajune shared below. If you mix up your Tweets with personal content there's a toggle in settings where you can pause all promotion. We'll explore future iterations as we learn, but for now Promote Mode is best suited for people who Tweet exclusively about their brand or product.
This is relevant to my interests.
This is great. Just trying to understand the targeting a bit more. In FAQs its mentioned that targeting for 5 interests is allowed. How will you find accounts with an interest to target?