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Kyle Tibbitts
Kyle Tibbitts@kyletibbitts · Head of Brand Marketing at Opendoor
I agree with the new design feeling a bit heavy. Part of the beauty of Twitter historically has been it's laser focus on content and the real-time nature of conversations. While the new layout is nice from a design standpoint, I think it distracts from this core essence of Twitter in an effort to make the product more accessible to larger numbers of people. It could end up working for them as a business, but the risk is that you dilute the product's magic.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Twitter and Facebook seem to converge more every year. Facebook added public feeds and following. Twitter added photos w/ tagging. Etc... It's a bit early for me to have a strong opinion but it feels very heavy to me. I primarily use Twitter through Tweetdeck and Buffer anyway though.
Buster@buster · Author, maker of products
As with all changes, definitely give it some time so that the default "oh no it's different!!" effect wears off. I've been using the new profiles for a while and while I was skeptical at first, going back to the old profile definitely feels like a step backwards. People have been asking for the "tweets without replies" view forever (it was previously something that only some verified accounts got). To me that's the best thing about the new profiles--it's much easier to scan a person's tweets when it doesn't have all of the replies. This should be a place that allows you to get a person's style/personality at a glance... it's function is very different from the timeline which is all about density and the stream.
Ed Gutman
Ed Gutman@eddie · Design and Product
DIsclaimer: I am now an ex-employee :) It's a logical move - web profiles are a gateway for a lot of first time visitors to Twitter, so they need to find ways to make it a "hook" to get them to understand and engage with the service faster. IMO, I've felt that Twitter's profile pages, up until now, have served more function for the owner, and this is a step to change that. Given recent moves, they will probably experiment and iterate on this to find what works best.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Inevitably, people fight change. :) Not that Twitter should have done this but I like how Snapchat rolled out it's 1.6 update, "hiding" new features (smart filters, photo filters, new fonts) in its settings menu. They didn't force the change on their users, they had to manually enable them. Furthermore, these new feature inspired people to spread the word, as they saw new photo filters from their friends. I wrote about this on FastCo shortly after its launch in Is The New Snapchat Brilliant Or Totally Boneheaded?.