Twitter Lite

Loads quickly, takes up less space, and is data-friendly.

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Once upon a time, Twitter was "Lite", before all the GIFs and videos.
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Twitter is taking on slow connections speeds with Twitter Lite. By the numbers: - 30% faster - up to 70% less data usage - takes up less than 1mb of storage
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@gabriel__lewis nice find, this is awesome!
@sebfeed @gabriel__lewis was mentioned in their blog. :)
This is super nice. I can just imagine the team inside Twitter gathering around with the task of making packaging up Twitters core essentials into the smallest, most accessible app yet. An exciting challenge and from the sounds of it the team have done a superb job. And also in general, it's great to see Twitter shipping again. It seems like there's been an internal culture shift here, from "we must not touch the sacred Twitter" to "lets iterate and really solve people's problems". Congrats to all at the team who are a part of that.
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Great not only for slow connections, but also for roaming charges when you are in a different country. Less data usage means less cost!
Thank goodness! I will use this even when I have faster internet on-the-go.