Twitter Group DMs & Video

Twitter adds private group chat & a mobile video camera

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Group DMs is super great - maybe the coolest part is this "The group function lets you start conversations with any of your followers and they don’t all need to follow one another in order to chat". This makes group DM's perfect for introductions!
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Hey folks, I worked on the design of Twitter Video. Let me know what you think! :) More info here:
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@stammy How did you think about Vine through the design process?
@wmorein We set out with the goal of helping people capture the moment. I see Vine as a powerful platform for creating stunning videos but wanted to look at this through the lense of making it even easier, without the need to do much editing. We landed on 30 seconds as our limit. If all you wanted to do was post a single clip, you just hold down and then hit done and it's attached to your tweet. I used tons of Framer Studio to build out interactive prototypes while designing. More on my design process to come!
@stammy Is this part of the public API? Would love to use it with Tweetbot.
@krausefx @stammy Should add that for the time being we're just offering media rendering via MediaEntities in the API, not yet upload. But hold tight!
Do they still arbitrarily restrict private messages to 140 characters? Don't get that.
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@chrismaddern also funny that before this update, we weren't even allowed to send a link in a DM, period.
This might be the biggest update to Twitter in the past year or more. I (and many others) have complained about clunky Twitter DM's. It always felt like an afterthought. I'm excited to play with private group conversations and the emphasis on video is an interesting addition.
@stammy/Twitter team - Twitter's historically a very public forum and I remember hearing hesitations from @dickc in moving toward more private conversations. Curious to hear your thoughts on this and why Twitter's investing in this now.
@stammy @dickc @rrhoover I agree. I think this is a transformative move for twitter. Both the group private chat and the video. We're already considering how Twitter video will differ from vine and youtube and how to take advantage of it.
@stammy @dickc @rrhoover I'm so excited about this, they've done such a great job on it. I'll be surprised if DMs doesn't eventually end up in it's own app, but for now, this is awesome. I want it to roll out to me already!
This has been a long time coming. It should spur engagement. I don't post too often because my audience is diverse...some follow me as friends, some for tech, some for sports, etc. This will allow me to take some of the conversations I'd like to have off the timeline. Props to Kevin Weil for shipping product fast.